Gfinity Plc

Company Overview

Gfinity is a leading electronic sports (eSports) business that provides a hub for a rapidly expanding global community who compete against or view on-line competitors playing a range of multi-million selling electronic games such as League of Legends, FIFA 2015 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The Company operates a website where subscribers gain access to information on the video games, watch streamed videos of competitions and themselves compete. This website,, has recently undergone a substantial investment to enhance functionality, which the Directors believe will greatly enhance its reputation within the gaming community and with publishers of the games.

Date Reports Available Download
08 June 2020 TMT Update - 08.06.20 (GFIN.L, BIRD.L, TERN.L, TPX.L) 5 page note available
26 May 2020 TMT Update - 26.05.20 (CPX.L, GFIN.L, MWE.L, NWT.L, MIRA.L) 5 page note available
11 May 2020 TMT Update - 11.05.20 (TERN.L, GFIN.L, MIRA.L, BBSN.L) 5 page note available
04 May 2020 TMT Update - 04.05.20 (GFIN.L, MIRA.L, BBSN.L, MWE.L) 4 page note available
27 Apr 2020 TMT Update - 27.04.20 (BIRD.L, GFIN.L, STAR.L) 4 page note available
20 Apr 2020 TMT Update - 20.04.20 (BBSN.L, ECSC.L, GFIN.L) 4 page note available
02 Apr 2020 Interims & proposed placing: Focus on core areas; significant cost reductions 2 page note available
23 Jan 2020 Update: Strong H1 margin and update on revenue guidance 2 page note available
09 Dec 2019 TMT Update 09.12.19 (CCT.L, BIRD.L, GFIN.L) 4 page note available
21 Oct 2019 Strong FY19; major growth opportunity 16 page note available
07 October 2019 TMT Update 07.10.19 (BIRD.L, BOOM.L, MWE.L, GFIN.L) 5 page note available
23 September 2019 TMT Update 23.09.19 (MBT.L, NWT.L, BIRD.L, MWE.L, GFIN.L) 5 page note available
17 Nov 2016 Elite series 2 page note available
08 Nov 2016 FY Results 2 page note available
05 July 2016 Initiation 16 page note available