Panthera Resources Plc

Company Overview

Panthera Resources Plc was incorporated in the UK and Wales in 2017. The company is focused on exploration and development of its gold projects in India and West Africa and the optimisation of other mineral properties. Panthera intends to utilise the proven ability of its Board and management team to develop projects at all stages of the value chain to create a significant gold exploration and development group. The Board wants to build a portfolio of high quality, low cost gold assets in India and West Africa. The plan is to do so through exploring and developing its current and future gold resource projects.
Date Reports Available Download
01 October 2021 Update - Considerable progress, Diamond Fields Resources link 10 pages
14 September 2021 Update - Labola project high-grade exploration assay results 3 pages
10 September 2021 Update - More encouraging evidence of gold mineralisation at Bassala 3 pages
25 August 2021 Update - Restructuring of interests and Labola funding 4 pages
24 August 2021 Update - Significant gold mineralisation confirmed at Bassala 3 pages
19 August 2021 Update - Kalaka survey yields promising results 2 pages
15 July 2021 Update - Interesting drilling results at Bassala on the cards 2 pages
10 March 2021 Initiation - Exposure to one of the great gold provinces 42 pages