Tavistock Investments Plc

Company Overview

Tavistock owns both an IFA/advisory business (“Tavistock Advisory”) and an Investment Management business (“Tavistock Wealth”). A key strategy of the Group is to accelerate the growth in FUM handled by Tavistock Wealth which, due to the fixed cost base nature of the Tavistock Wealth business, will lead to an accelerated increase in Group profitability. Key to growing FUM in Tavistock Wealth is the Tavistock IFA/advisory business which it uses as a distribution platform for its Tavistock Wealth product. The Group is also opening up a second distribution channel by offering its investment management services to 3rd party advisory firms.

Date Reports Available Download
15 June 2021 Trading update and disposal 5 pages
10 Nov 2020 Interims to sept. 2020, growth in EBITDA 5 pages
27 July 2020 FY 2020, continued EBITDA growth 4 pages
8 April 2020 Trading in line, Covid-19 creating uncertainty 4 pages
26 Nov 2019 2020 interims - Solid but cautious outlook 5 pages
15 May 2019 FY 2019 Results 12 pages
14 Feb 2019 Trading update 6 pages
28 June 2018 FY 2018 Results 5 pages
05 December 2017 1H 2018 Results 4 pages
12 September 2017 FY Results & Disposal 5 pages
23 December 2016 Interims for the period ended Sept 2016 5 pages
02 December 2016 Acquisition of Price Bailey Financial Planning 12 pages